Av. Emin Ökten

Managing Lawyer

Emin Ökten has graduated from high school as the third most successful student with honor degree and as the president of the student council. Since 1999, he has worked and developed himself in various roles and positions in Ökten Group of Companies.

Emin Ökten is experienced on company management, crisis management, mining, energy, construction, defense industry and ballistics. In 2003, he enrolled in law school and developed his legal expertise in many areas of the law. He attended in various trainings and seminars including mining law, energy law, expropriation law, criminal law and constitutional law.

Upon distinguishing himself in the area of law, Emin Ökten has established Ökten Law and Consultancy in order to provide high quality, reliable and precise solutions for his clients and to support Ökten Group of Companies from legal side. He consults his clients particularly in Family Law, Inheritance Law, Real Estate Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Mining and Energy Law and represent them in lawsuits for the disputes in these fields. He conducts the Managing Lawyer position in the Ökten Law and Consultancy Firm. Besides this, he holds the Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors position in the Ökten Group of Companies. Attorney Emin Ökten, speaks English fluently.

In addition to his business career, Emin Ökten also gives great importance to self-improvement and attended in many training sessions on neuro-linguistic programming, family-constellation / Bert Hellinger therapy, breathing and somatopsychic balance. He conducted many researches on technology, health, science and spirituals subjects.

In respect of his sportsman personality, Emin Ökten is a licensed basketball player, shooter and archer, and kick-boxer.

He is passionate about reading books, writes poems and vocalizes his own poems. He has many awards and honor degrees for the poems he wrote.

He has involved in various social responsibility and community service projects and regularly participates events of respected associations to provide guidance for young people.